Thursday, 16 June 2016

Become a Better Trainer

There are a lot of Train the Trainer courses on the market these days and I'm pretty sure it must be difficult to decide which one to invest in. What course is going to meet your specific needs? 

Gary Bedingfield Training is the premier provider of Train the Trainer with a unique brand of Become a Better Trainer courses. Developed over 20 years in the training industry, our courses were not developed in the classroom but through real-life training experiences, taking into account the reality of delivering training to all types of client groups, including those that are resistant to being trained!

Our Become a Better Trainer courses are interactive and motivational as well as being cost-effective. They cover the essential areas of training including:

How We Learn
Room Preparation
Getting Things Started
Using Effective Ice Breakers
Understanding Why People Are Not Ready to Learn
Dealing with Challenging Behaviour
Understanding Howe People Learn Best
Using a Variety of Training Aids and Learning Resources
Using Questions
Providing Feedback
Making the Most of Delivery Types
Techniques for Demonstartion
Integrating Assessment
Ensuring Your Training Comes to a Successful Conclusion
Understanding the Value of Feedback/Evaluation
What You Need to Know Before Creating a Training Plan
Understanding How to Write Aims and Objectives
Writing a Training Plan to Meet Anticipated Training Outcomes

If you'd like to learn more about our range of Become a Better Trainer workshops or would like to discuss having a course delivered to your training staff, then call us on 0845 003 9571 or email

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