Thursday, 11 September 2014

New Train the Trainer Book Coming Soon

Over the last few months I've been writing a training manual and it will be available in print very soon. Entitled, Training for Trainers Manual, and published by Chrysalis House Publishing. It's a guide for anyone who wants to develop their skills as a trainer. It’s based on 15 years’ experience in the training industry working with everyone from dysfunctional teenagers to senior management. The concepts and techniques discussed have not been created as part of a theoretical training course but have been developed in actual training situations and are the result of years of trial and error. Whether you’re new to the world of training or have a number of years’ experience; whether you train on a regular basis or just now and then, this book will help you to become a better, more effective and confident trainer who gets results every time.

A need for training has existed for centuries and over the last few decades, Train the Trainer courses have been used worldwide to help potential trainers acquire the skills needed to share knowledge. I, myself, have attended a number of these courses over the years and while much of the content has been of value, far too much has been based on academic theory. The fact is most trainers are about as far removed from classroom teaching as they could be. They deliver training in workshops, on factory floors, in shops, hairdressers and busy offices. Their needs are different. Their priorities are different. What is more important to them is how to deal with people who don’t want to be there, how to make a seemingly boring subject interesting and how to make sure that what they’re teaching is understood. That’s where the Training for Trainers Manual comes in. It’s aimed at the real world trainer. The person who, one day is delivering a one-to-one session, and the next day is delivering the same instruction to a group of 12. It’s aimed at the person who is teaching employability skills to a group of people whose attendance has been labelled mandatory, and the person who delivers training to a group of people who have no idea why they’re there in the first place. If that sounds like you, then this book will help you overcome these issues and many more.

Of course, the best way to learn to be a trainer is to get out there and do it. You'll make some errors along the way, but you'll quickly learn from those errors and move on. And as you make that career journey as a trainer, it'll not do any harm to have a dog-eared copy of my Training for Trainers Manual in your back pocket!

How To Use This Book
Chapter 1: How We Learn
Chapter 2: The Learning Environment
Chapter 3: Training Aids and Learning Resources
Chapter 4: Getting Learners Ready to Learn
Chapter 5: Running a Training Session
Chapter 6: Integrating Assessment
Chapter 7: Dealing With Challenging Behaviour
Chapter 8: Ending a Training Session
Chapter 9: Effective Evaluation
Chapter 10: Planning Training

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