Monday, 7 April 2014

Are You Enthusiastic Enough to Get a Job?

One thing employers like are enthusiastic employees; people who take pride in their work, their skills, even their appearance. So, if you're currently looking for work then enthusiasm is something you need to think about.

Your first point of contact with a potential employer will probably be your CV or application form. Take a look at your CV. Do you sound like an enthusiastic person? When you talk about previous jobs are you using a language that sounds like you enjoyed what you did? Do you enthusiastically convey your skills and personal qualities? This is the starting point for an employer to see you have enthusiasm for working and might just be enough to make them want to get you in for an interview.

Of course, the interview then gives you another opportunity to show your enthusiasm. You can do this through eye contact, positive body language and by smiling and nodding as the interviewer talks about the job and the company.

Enthusiasm might seem like a minor thing but it can make a big difference in securing employment rather than being overlooked because you "didn't seem to want the job!"

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