Monday, 2 December 2013

Time Management

What would our working days be like if we didn’t have time-management skills? Chaos? Confusion? Frustration? Probably.

But how much better would our working days be if we had even better time-management skills? Developing time-saving techniques and strategies enable us to be more productive, meet deadlines and achieve goals.

To achieve this we need to take control of our time, rather than allow it to control us, which, unfortunately, is often the case. We must learn to plan and prioritise our workload, deal with distractions and develop a proactive workstyle.

One simple trick we can all use is to complete a piece of work and then not return to it. If it’s done, it’s done. Many of us have a habit of going back to something and wasting valuable time tweaking it in such miniscule ways that it rarely makes a difference to the outcome. So, if that sounds like you, then try adopting a new rule. When it’s finished, walk away and leave it as finished.

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