Monday, 9 December 2013

Managing Groups

Does your job involve you having to manage groups? Effective group management can be a tricky task, especially when you have some powerful characters in the group.

But if that’s part of our job, then we need to be good at it. We should know how to choose appropriate content for our audience, work confidently in a variety of group situations and, perhaps, most importantly, effectively deal with challenging behaviour.

Another big issue we often face is delivering training to groups that are of mixed ability. How to you work with a group when some are beginners, some are at an intermediate level and others seem to be at an advanced level?

Firstly, don't ignore it and plough on regardless. Tell your group members that you realise there is a range of ability in the room and that you're going to try to give them all something of value.

Always keep an open mind - don't make assumptions about people's attitudes or skills, and mix up the group to allow more experienced people to work with the less experienced.

Prepare tasks at different levels and either allocate groups to tasks or allow them to select their own activity based on the ones they feel would be of most value to them.

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