Monday, 30 December 2013

Learning Styles Are Like Coffee

I drink my coffee black. It's what I prefer. But if I ran a coffee shop you'd also be able to get a latte, a cappuccino an espresso and more. Why? Because not everyone wants their coffee the same way as me.

Learning styles are like coffee. They come in different varieties. For example, you have visual learners who like to see and read, auditory learners who like to listen and speak, and kinaesthetic learners who like to be doing things. One problem many trainers have is that they deliver training based on their own preferred learning style. If we don't give learning styles a great deal of careful thought we are in danger of not meeting the needs of our learners who have a different learning style from ourselves.

One way to ensure this doesn't happen is to look at your training session from a learning styles perspective. Taking an holistic view of the session, and using the headings "Visual", "Auditory" and "Kinaesthetic", write down all the activities and learning methods you are using under the heading they will appeal to the most. 

Now look at the results. Have you got a reasonably even spread across all three learning styles? Or, are almost all your activities for visual learners? If so, how do you hope to engage auditory and kinaesthetic learners?

This is a great starting point for ensuring your training sessions appeal to everyone and don't just engage those whose learning style is the one preferred by you.

You can learn more about learning styles here. If you want to learn how to incorporate learning styles into your training sessions take a look at the Train the Trainer courses we offer. They are available as one day and two day courses and are delivered throughout the United Kingdom.

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