Monday, 16 December 2013

Delivering Employability Skills

There seems to be plenty of employability skills training out there these days. Courses that offer tips on interviews and how to fill-in application forms, but is there any real structure to these courses that gives the attendees something to build upon?

I’ve been delivering employability skills for over 15 years and firmly believe the best way is to teach proactive job searching. But what, exactly, is proactive job searching?

Let’s consider the activities of a normal job seeker. They may check the local newspapers. Perhaps they search for online vacancies? To me, this is reactive job search and it’s what the majority of job seekers are doing these days – responding to companies who choose to advertise their vacancies in some way.

By being proactive, however, we are tapping in to the hidden job market – that enormous pool of jobs that never gets advertised. Being a proactive job seeker means speculatively contacting employees you’d like to work for and broadening your network of friends and family who know you are looking for work. It also means checking other parts of the local newspapers – not just the vacancies page. Is there an article about a new company opening a store near you? Has a local company just won a contract to produce a new product? Things like this are clear indicators that these companies are looking for more staff and provide the job seeker with the chance to approach the employer ahead of everyone else.

Being proactive is just one way of teaching employability skills. For more advice on delivering employability skills training, visit our website. We offer a Delivering Employability Skills workshop that is available from as little as £350 per group.

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