Tuesday, 5 March 2013

How Long Should a Train the Trainer Course Be?

I was recently asked how long a Train the Trainer course should be. One day? Two days? Three days? After initially thinking this was a bit like asking, “how long is a piece of string?” I realised it was worthy of some consideration.

Most Train the Trainer courses on the market today are two or three day affairs. Three days obviously allows a lot more time to cover more things, but is extending the training over three days actually counterproductive? Let’s consider a few facts. Most people who attend Train the Trainer courses are already employed; they’re already delivering training in some way. The problem with taking trainers away from their work environment is that the more time they are away, the more work will be awaiting them upon their return. Two days away from the work environment and I see attendees using breaks and lunchtimes to “call the office” to see if things are okay. When this is happening, they are not fully focused on the training you are trying to deliver. Extending Train the Trainer to three days only adds to this problem. And it doesn’t matter how dynamic and engaging your delivery might be; if there are issues at the office then that’s where they’re focus will be.

With this is mind, Gary Bedingfield Training have developed Train the Trainer Express. A one-day course that covers the essentials of training and facilitation. Of course, one day does not allow the attendees an opportunity to demonstrate their delivery capabilities but it is certainly enough time to ensure they are on the right track to being effective and productive members of the training community.

Gary Bedingfield Training also offer a two-day Train the Trainer course. This course expands upon the Express course and allows the attendees the opportunity to deliver a micro-training session on the second day.

What we don’t offer is a three-day course because we believe it is simply too long for staff to be away from their work environment. So, how long should a Train the Trainer course be? We believe two days for optimum effectiveness.

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