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Let's Get That Job!

Let's Get That Job!

A 2-day motivational employability skills training course
"I would recommend this course to anyone job searching. It is invaluable."
Let's Get That Job! attendee July 2012
This innovative two-day training programme is tailored to meet the demands of clients who are looking to develop their employability skills and increase their chances of finding employment.

Getting people back into work is no easy task and Let’s Get That Job! focuses on the essential skills required to capitalise on existing strengths.

Increase candidates’ employability so that they can find work
Develop occupational skills
Fine-tune skills such as interview techniques, CV-writing and speculative letter writing

Let’s Get That Job! is an intensive 2-day intervention and is driven by the candidates learning to recognise and take ownership of the skills and strengths they have to offer potential employers. Some of the themes included in Let’s Get That Job! are:

Where Am I Now?
Barriers to Work
Winning the Job Search Game
Job Search Kit
Owning My Own Skills and Strengths
Skills of Successful People
Understanding Job Adverts
CVs that Work
How to Write a Cover Letter
Speculative Letters that Work
Application Forms
Interview Tips and Techniques
Interview Questions
Creating a Pre-Interview Checkilist
Essential Workplace Skills

Let's Get That Job! comes with unlimited aftercare, where clients can contact us via email or phone for help with CVs, application forms, etc.

Let's Get That Job! is ideal for clients on government-funded training programmes including Get Ready for Work, Entry to Employment, Training for Work, Skill Seekers and New Deal initiatives. Learners who are not yet job ready should be considered for the 1-day version of the programme. Click here for details

2 days

Delivered at your premises

£350 per group (maximum group size of 10)

All courses are priced for delivery within a 50 mile radius of Glasgow. Courses can be delivered anywhere in the UK but will incur an additional travel cost which will be kept to a minimum. Please contact us for details.
What people are saying about Let's Get That Job! course:
"Great course. I would strongly recommend it."
"The positivity was very encouraging."
"I would definitely recommend it to any Job Seeker!"
"I enjoyed learning what employers want and how to approach them regardless of the situation. Furthermore I learned a little about myself."
"It was a great insight into new ideas in getting a job."

"I would recommend this course to anyone job searching. It is invaluable."

"I got exactly what I was looking for - help and advice on my CV,filling out application forms, interview techniques and sending out spec letters."

"I ended my two day course totally satisfied and more aware."

"The advisor was professional and I found covered every aspect needed. Pleasure having this and so very helpful."

"I found this course very beneficial and think what I have learned will definitely aid me in finding a job."

"The course helped to set my mind on how to do it, not how hard it is."

"I enjoyed finding out about my own skills and strengths."

"The course was really interesting and I enjoyed learning about interview skills."

"Well organized and presented, gave a lot of new information."

"I liked the clear and articulate way it was presented. The advice given and the help to create my CV."

"The instructor was clear, helpful and communicative."

"I liked getting help improving my CV and learning how to write a spec letter and how to go about finding and applying for jobs."

"Very helpful and covered all the topics I was seeking help with."

"Was fun as well as advantageous, improved my CV."

"It taught me about aspects of CVs and interviews I didn't fully understand before and gave great advice to find work that is suitable for me."

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Train the Trainer Express

Train the Trainer Express

A fast-track course for trainers who are new to the world of training and facilitation
Train the Trainer Express has been created due to popular demand to meet the needs of individuals 
and small groups that are entering the world of training and facilitation.

Developed from our highly successful Train the Trainer programme, Train the Trainer Express is an intensive course delivered over a single day; exploring areas such as learning styles, training resources, delivery styles, evaluation and dealing with challenging behaviour. It consists of 
five trainer-led sessions.

As most trainers will tell you, entering a training room for the first time can be a daunting and nerve-racking experience, and this course aims to make that experience as easy as possible, introducing you to the basics of training and helping you to quickly become an effective and confident trainer.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

Recognise the different learning styles
Plan and design training to gain commitment and enthusiasm
Run a training session and supervise training
Check that your training is effective and that learning has occurred

The sessions are as follows:

Session 1 How We Learn
Session 2 Delivering Training
Session 3 Running a Training Session
Session 4 Ending a Training Session and Evaluating
Session 5 Planning a Training Session

1 day

Delivered at your premises (training facilities can be provided at an additional cost)

£350 for one-to-one or small group delivery

All courses are priced for delivery within a 50 mile radius of Glasgow. Courses can be delivered anywhere in the UK but will incur an additional travel cost which will be kept to a minimum. Please contact us for details.

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