Wednesday, 22 December 2010

To be a Good Trainer Learn to be Yourself

At a recent Train the Trainer course in Glasgow, I was asked what would be the one piece of advice I would give to anyone who wants to be a trainer?

A number of thoughts flashed through my head, including advice about keeping your group as active as possible; the importance of planning; evaluation, and not trying to cram too much into an allocated time frame.

Despite these and many other important points I settled on the simple idea that to be a good trainer you need to learn to be yourself.

Far too many times I see trainers adopting "training room alter egos" or attempting to imitate another trainer they admire. And equally too often I observe groups seeing right through these fake identities.

The world consists of nearly seven billion people and every one of us is different. That's what we need to remember. Our personality will dictate the kind of person we are in the training room, so just go with the flow. By allowing your own personality to shine through, your group will see you are an honest and genuine person, and that is one of the main building blocks when it comes to developing a relationship with your group.

Whilst it's important to know about learning styles, planning, course content and evaluation, if you are new to training then learn how to be yourself, the other skills you will learn and develop as your career progresses.

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